1 on 1 coaching

Coaching can help you have the dance school of your dreams. Whether you're just getting started or have been teaching for years.

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Digital Marketing

Most dance teachers didn't get into the business to build websites, create  advertising or become social media gurus.  Let us help you!

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Management Systems

Ever feel like you spend more time doing administration tasks than you do teaching dance?  We can help find solutions for everything from enrollment to tuition collection to communication.

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Since 1993

Growing a Business Can Be Tough!

Highland Business Solutions was born out of a need for ideas and encouragement for dance teachers in our niche market.  I had friends calling and asking how they could grow their dance schools.

I understand the unique challenges of being a Highland Dance teacher.  We have lots of opportunities for professional development when it comes to technique, but we’re left to figure out the rest.  Like..how the heck are we supposed to find more students? How should we advertise? How do we keep this cultural tradition alive in the era of social media?  

Let me help you work through the challenges so you can focus on what you love: teaching Highland Dance!


Next Steps...

Ready to shake things up with your business?  Send me a message and we can schedule a coaching call!