My Approach

Coming up with ideas and solving problems is one of my super powers.  Let me help you with yours!

Are you looking to start a dance school and don’t even know where to begin? Do you have a dance school, but want to find more students? Are you feeling frustrated or overwhelmed?  Trust me, I’ve been there! I’m here to help you!

My  Story

Hey guys,

My name is Elizabeth and I’m the founder of Highland Business Solutions and Tampa Bay Highland Dancers.  I was a performer for the Walt Disney Company in Florida, Tokyo and Hong Kong for many years. I always figured that after my adventures with Disney I would come home and go to law school.

I made my way back to Florida in 2011 and realized sitting in an office would not be for me. Looking around I felt like the number of Highland Dancers in our part of the US was dwindling and that made me so sad!  Highland Dance was such an important part of my life and I’m sure it is for you too. Tampa Bay Highland Dancers was founded in 2012 and since then I’ve been able to make Highland Dance my full time gig. With encouragement from our amazing dance community, I decided to create Highland Business Solutions to help other dance teachers reach their business goals.  I love teaching dance and it turns out I also LOVE building businesses.


Next Steps…

Ready to shake things up with your business?  Send me a message and we can schedule a coaching call!

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