First Call with Kate DeGood and her Team

Kate reached out to me at a competition in February.  She wanted to chat about ways to market her dance school.  In the past few years she added some qualified teachers to her team and wanted to utilize their talents.  We scheduled a Google Hangout for herself, Jessica and Jennifer Craig.

We had our first call on March 27.  Using Google Hangouts was a great way for us to all see each other and be on the same page with our strategy planning.  I figured I’d kick things off by going over what I could see with the online presence for the Kate DeGood School of Dance.  There were some easy ways to tune things up pretty quickly. I made notes as we went through it so Kate and her team could have an easy checklist to get things done. Their team is pretty comfortable with technology, so they took the lead on implementing the recommended changes, but I let them know I was available if they needed any help.

In addition to the digital marketing items we covered, we also went over getting some systems in place to streamline the admin process.  I’m pretty sure nobody becomes a dance teacher because they love paperwork. Am I right? There are so many amazing choices when it comes to systems for enrollment and “To Do” lists. Spending less time on admin means more time for important things!

The last part of the call we spent talking about details of the school.  Like, how the heck to price tuition, creating the ideal summer schedule and preventing burnout.  By the end we had a plan in place to help get a stronger online presence for the school and increase summer enrollments.

After the call Kate was fired up.  She said “It really put into perspective what is important and the viewpoint you need to think from. You’re totally right that we’re stuck inside this Highland world and are just appealing to people that already know us. We need to think bigger and step outside that and see how we look to the general public specifically parents of young kids”

So proud of you Kate, Jess and Jen!! Can’t wait to see your school grow!

Coming soon...2nd Call with Kate and her Team

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