1 on 1 Coaching

Coaching calls help you get clarity on your goals and actions steps with a plan to make it happen.

Digital Marketing

Most dance teachers didn't get into the business to build websites, create  advertising or become social media gurus.  We can help!

Systems for your growing school

Ever feel like you spend more time doing administration tasks than you do teaching dance?  We can help find solutions for everything from enrolment to tuition collection to communication.


Coaching Calls

The coaching calls are where the magic happens.  We'll discuss your school's strengths and weaknesses.  After the call you'll receive a detailed action plan to take steps towards your goal!

The plan in action...

If after the coaching call  you realize you need an easily managed website or social media platforms, but feel intimidated to do it yourself.  Don't worry!  We can help with whatever is beyond your own personal strengths.

Next Steps...

Ready to shake things up with your business?  Send me a message and we can schedule a coaching call!